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I kinda left my social life to start this blog in December 2011.

What's a 'Bastille'?
Anonymous: ok hi there im going to a bastille concert and ive never to been to like a real concert... so im just wondering how concerts go... like should i get there early?? also what should i wear? thx

I’ve only been to one concert aha (first one was a Bastille one too yay), but I’d say it all depends on the venue and if a lot of people are going, so if it’s like 5,000 people maybe 1 or 2 hours early but if it’s smaller maybe a bit less.

The one I went to had 8,000 people but I got there half an hour early and was near the front, however that was purely because people were eating in the foyer (there were loads of little food markets and merch stands).

I hope you have a great time sweetie, they’re amazing live and their concerts are sooo fun ^-^ x

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So awkward
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stop this man
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Being forced to play in public was mildly traumatic, but, after, like, a bottle and a half of wine, I just about had the courage to get up onstage and stare at my feet and play some songs.
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walkin past the popular kid’s table at lunch

2 cool 4 me

they look like the cullens’ table
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send help
oh no
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I was left to my own devices Many days fell away with nothing to show

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WILL AND DAN AT WOODY’S WEDDING OMG will is so fucking sexy im crying #bastille #dansmith #willfarquarson #woody #chrissywood #chriswood
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