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I kinda left my social life to start this blog in December 2011.

What's a 'Bastille'?
Anonymous: Which one of Bastille's newer songs do you like the most: Blame, Campus, or Weapon?

Blame by far is my favourite x

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Kyle is all like
Get that piece of shit away from me…
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I’m in love with a bunch of nerds

Who let those dorks into the NASA?! Already see Kyle like: “Hey, what’s this red button for?” And then Dan: “No idea mate, push it!”Kyle: *Pushes the button*(*World explodes*)Dan: “WICKED, DUDE!!”

Why would NASA have a doomsday device?
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HAIM x Bastille 
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My Dan Smith drawing in the process oops
His hair ain’t gonna fit on the page
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An accurate representation of ‘Life’:

"Where’s your homework?"


"Did you clean your room?"


"What’s the answer to this quadratic equation?"


"What do you want to do in life?"


"Do you do anything other than cry over people on tumblr?"


"What is your name?"


"Who is your favourite band member/fictional character?"


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So I reached the next hundred (5,300), (in followers not in age lol, I ain’t that old, or maybe I am ARG I’M A VAMPIRE boom), and people keep asking me to do a promo, and tbh I’m not really into promo’s but whatever because my babe Anon asked me to ;) (Sorry I’m crazy this probably won’t even get 1 note lol)
You must be following me 
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Likes are not counted, but feel free to like it if you just like the like button…that sentence had the word ‘like’ in it wayyyy too many times, and that ‘why’ had way too many ‘y”s in it
Must get a reasonable amount of notes, Idk what reasonable is tbh so don’t ask me :)
This ends on 4th May (2014 not 2015 or 2016 or 2017 or…yeah you get the point I hope)
The categories are…*drum roll*: 
Best URL
Best theme
Nicest bloggers to talk to and stuff ya know
Best Bastille blog(s)
Craziest people
Best icon
Good luck to you all dudes
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found this on Instagram…
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"Bastille’s Dan Smith : The quiet man who can’t stop singing." [x]
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Back at Coachella shooting pics for weekend 2. Here’s Bastille.
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